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Check Out SuperCoder Appendices Added to CPT® Coding Resources

We’ve added 18 new coding resources to help give you the information you need for cleaner claims.


On your Coding Tools or Coder page, open the Coding menu in the left side navigation. Then select CPT® and Appendices.


Whether you want to check vascular families for interventional coding (Appendix I) or brand-name vaccinations connected to CPT® codes (Appendix K), there’s a good chance you’ll find something useful in these newly posted resources!


  • Appendix A: New, Revised, and Deleted Codes
  • Appendix B: Crosswalks for Deleted Codes
  • Appendix C: Inpatient-Only Procedure Codes
  • Appendix D: Category II Modifiers
  • Appendix F: Anesthesia Modifiers
  • Appendix G: Ambulatory Modifiers
  • Appendix H: Resequenced Codes
  • Appendix I: Vascular Families for Interventional Radiology Coding
  • Appendix J: Modifier 51 Exempt, Modifier 63 Exempt, Add-On Codes, and Moderate Sedation Codes
  • Appendix K: Brand-Name Vaccinations Associated With CPT® Codes
  • Appendix L: Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Payment System Fact Sheet
  • Appendix M: Place of Service
  • Appendix N: Type of Service
  • Appendix O: PQRS Codes and Their Associated Quality Measure
  • Appendix P: Drug Class List
  • Appendix Q: Payment Status Indicators
  • Appendix R: Multianalyte Assays with Algorithmic Analyses