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You’ll Love Bolt’s New Home, Including 120 Free Articles per Year!

SuperCoder’s Bolt is on the move. Instead of having a separate website for the Bolt newsletter, Bolt will soon be an easy-to-find part of the SuperCoder website.


SuperCoder subscribers will still be able to access Bolt from SuperCoder’s top menu at MySuperCoder/Bolt. When you open the new Bolt site, you’ll see Bolt issues listed from newest to oldest with links to take the related CEU quizzes. To track your CEUs, you’ll use SuperCoder’s top menu to select MySuperCoder/CEU Tracker. There you’ll find Bolt issue CEUs along with available CEUs from any other SuperCoder newsletters in your subscription.


Tip: You’ll also find Bolt in the left pane of the Publications page, which you access from the top menu. Clicking on Bolt will open a list of Bolt issues with a user-friendly Take Quiz button.


Free articles, too! Each Bolt will include five of the top-searched articles on the SuperCoder site. That’s a total of 120 articles per year, and they’ll be available to both subscribers and nonsubscribers! In addition to being conveniently posted together in the Bolt, you’ll see the free articles noted in red on relevant SuperCoder code details pages under the Related Articles tab. (Nope, there’s no free article in red on that code details page yet. The link is just there to remind you what a code details page is.) Expect to see these changes to Bolt and the free articles in the near future!