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Complex Payment Calculation Made Easy in Anesthesia Analyst Tool
January 10, 2014
  • Labor to Caesarean section delivery rules necessitate a complex calculation.
  • Anesthesia services often experience loss of revenue due to the dual service scenario of following codes when a labor case (with epidural anesthesia) proceeds to C-section:
    • 59510, 59514, 59515, 59618, 59620, 59622
  • The complexity is now handled by our experts as you choose the CPT code.

  • Our improved logic NOW provides option to choose the dual ASA codes (01967 + 01968)  under “Alternate Anesthesia Code” and performs perfect calculation catering a solution to the complex scenario:

  • The scenario has now been correctly identified by you as 01967+01968!  All that remains is for you to input the Anesthesia Start Time, Anesthesia End Time, Status P Modifier, and per unit time for each section of the ASA cross – 01967 and 01968 (the fee calculator part expands into 2 sub-units – one calculation for each of the ASA cross):

  • The final calculated amount NOW includes both the payment for Labor epidural time as well as for the Caesarean section time per anaesthesiologist’s service provided. No more losing payment for Anesthesia coders from this complex OB scenario: