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Find COVID-19 Coding Updates for CPT®, Edits, and Lab Fees on SuperCoder

The current public health emergency due to COVID-19 is resulting in a lot of medical coding changes that don’t follow the usual update schedule. SuperCoder online coding packages now feature the latest information for these topics and more.


CPT®: The CPT® Editorial Panel added two new codes for serologic lab testing related to COVID-19. You can find 86328 (single-step method) and 86769 (multi-step method) using your SuperCoder code search account. Immunoassay code 86318 was revised slightly as part of this update, and the changed descriptor is also on SuperCoder. The American Medical Association published the updates April 10, 2020, and they were effective immediately.


NCCI PTP edits and MUEs: Medicare and Medicaid revised their second quarter files for National Correct Coding Initiative Procedure-to-Procedure (NCCI PTP) edits and Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs) after April 1. The intent of these replacement files is to bring the edits more in line with the expansion of telehealth. These updates are live on SuperCoder for accounts that include NCCI and MUE tools.


CLFS: Medicare updated the Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule (CLFS or CLAB) to include pricing for specimen collection codes G2023 ($23.46) and G2024 ($25.46). The CLFS is available in SuperCoder packages that include fee schedule tools.