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Vangie Posted Mon 24th of January, 2011 16:53:22 PM


How would you code this statement?

X-rays include Rosenberg and Merchant views of both knees and a lateral of right knee.


SuperCoder Answered Tue 25th of January, 2011 08:17:52 AM

Codes will be: 73565 and 73560-LT, and 73560-RT

Rosenberg view (posteroanterior [PA] with knees flexed)Demonstrates: femorotibial articulation
Helpful for: Knee Arthritis, Tibial Plateau Fracture, Distal Femur Fracture,
Position: Standing with knees flexed 45° with grid in front of knees
Beam directed 10° caudal from the horizontal plane through the knee joint.
This justifies to code 73565

Merchant View [Tangential patellofemoral view] Demonstrates: patellofemoral articulation. Centrial ridge of patella should lie at or medial to the bisector of the trochlear angle.
Helpful for: Evaluating patellar tilt. Not very sensitive, Patellofemoral Arthritis, Patellar Fracture, Patellofemoral Pain.
Position:supine knee flexed 45°;Beam directed caudally toward patella at a 60° angle (30° from the horixontal plane).
This is not a Standing view. Since merchant view (taken as one view) done in both side and and a lateral view in the right makes it: 2 views in the right and one view on the left which qualifies for 73560-LT, and 73560-RT

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