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Marie Posted Wed 03rd of January, 2018 10:38:18 AM
I am having an issue with the correct CPT code. I am not sure if this should be coded as closure of wound dehiscence or a complex closure? The reason for the procedure was the patient developed wound dehiscence following lancing of an abscess of the right elbow. The patient had an infectious olecranon bursitis which came to head of the right elbow and was lanced and had poor healing. The wound is approximately 1cm in diameter and deep muscle is exposed. The physician debrided the skin edges of the wound and ellipse the incision to aide in the closure. The wound was explored to its depth. Irrigation was done of the wound bursa and SubQ tissue with 3 liters of saline impregnated with Bacitracin. It was then closed in deep layers subcutaneously as it tracked through the bursa and closed the subcutaneous skin with 2-0 PDS. IT was injected subcutaneously with lidocaine and surrounding the wound and closed the skin with 3-0 nylon in horizontal mattress fashion. Skin edges were closed without tension. Wound was dressed with Xeroform, 4x4's, ABD and ace wrap.
SuperCoder Answered Thu 04th of January, 2018 02:03:50 AM

Please use CPT code 13160 (Secondary closure of surgical wound or dehiscence, extensive or complicated). Complex closure codes are used at the time of the initial procedure. Here, patient had developed wound dehiscence post lancing of elbow abscess. Due to delayed or no healing, this procedure was carried out.   

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