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Voiding trial during a post operative period

David Posted Wed 24th of August, 2016 16:30:47 PM
This subject is something I find so much conflicting information on and was hoping for some clarification. Often times a patient has a procedure done, that carries a 90 day global and before leaving the procedure room they have a urinary catheter placed. If the patient comes in for a voiding trial (51700) is it correct in this case to consider it part of the global? To me they are simply trying to make a decision if the original catheter placed during surgery should be removed. The other scenario would be a patient who has a procedure that carries a 90 day global. They leave the hospital with no catheter in place and ends up in urinary retention. (common side effect of the procedure but not necessary one that happens every time). So they come in to the office during the post operative period and has a urinary catheter placed. They then return in 2 weeks for a voiding trial (51700)....can this voiding trial be billed? I appreciate your feedback! Thank you
SuperCoder Answered Thu 25th of August, 2016 05:12:26 AM

By the time patient is in the hospital after the procedure done, that time we will not code for catheter (51700), because urinary retention happened during and after the surgery, that is why payers does not pay for these kind of services. Once physician decided to remove the catheter at the time of discharged and patient remains stable (no retention at that time) and it is plan that patient will return to the office for catheter placement during the global period then you can bill for the procedure, 51700 with modifier 58. And if the return is unplanned to the procedure room then you have to bill the procedure with modifier 78.

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