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Vitamin injection coding

Christine Posted Tue 14th of July, 2020 13:13:50 PM
I have physicians using the following mixture for injection and I am not sure how to code, as these are vitamins and some drugs in 1 injection. I understand that it has been billed in the past as J3490 but there are classified drugs and vitamins with valid NDC codes. Do I bill each injection with the components or bundle all with J3490? The mixture is 250 ml sterile water added to it 1 cc hydroxocobalamin, 1 cc cyanocobalamine, 1 cc thiamine, 1 cc B complex, 1 cc pyridoxine, ! cc ascorbic acid, 5 cc multi trace (zinc, sulfate, Cupric sulfate, manganese, chromic chloride and selenious acid) 12 cc sodium bicarb, 8 cc lidocaine 1 cc L carnitine. I am confused as to how to bill for the injection of this combined "cocktail" as I am not sure if all would fall under J3490 which is drug classification and not vitamins. This shot is when the patient is receiving treatment with a Sanexas machine which although FDA approved has no assigned CPT code. Apparently the cocktail helps with pain management. Thank you!!!!
SuperCoder Answered Wed 15th of July, 2020 11:59:05 AM
Hi nbsp As per the provided documentation there are some drugs which have specific HCPCS code and some drugs have no specific HCPCS code The drugs which have specific HCPCS code will be coded with their designated code and the drugs which have no specific code will be coded as...
Christine Posted Thu 16th of July, 2020 13:14:46 PM
Thank you so much for your response this clears up a lot for me And I am assuming I need to do the math because all is mixed in one ml bag of sterile water then drawn up in gauge needle for the shots So this would not be cc...
SuperCoder Answered Fri 17th of July, 2020 04:08:24 AM
Hi CPT describes Cyanocobalamin J Thiamine J Pyridoxine J Lidocaine J and L carnitine J drugs in milligrams mg You need more information Talk to the physician and ask how many milligrams he used Cubic centimeters cc are a measure of volume and milligrams mg are a measure of weight...
Christine Posted Fri 17th of July, 2020 11:13:52 AM
Tremendously............thank you so much!
SuperCoder Answered Mon 20th of July, 2020 01:06:22 AM

Thank you, happy to help.

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