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Venouse Insufficieny

Kathy Posted Fri 03rd of June, 2011 22:41:47 PM

Can ICD 459.81 be used as a single ICD?

Pt presented with a venous stasis ulcer. Ulcer has since healed. Last progress note stated healed.Was coded as 459.81 / 707.19. In order to accuratley code this note, should I code only 459.81?

SuperCoder Answered Mon 06th of June, 2011 14:27:58 PM

Actually the code 454.0 is the right code for venous stasis ulcer.

Kathy Posted Mon 06th of June, 2011 17:26:42 PM

454.0 is a varicose vein code. There is no mention of vericose veins in the impression.

Kathy Posted Mon 06th of June, 2011 17:28:10 PM

459.81 is a venous insufficiency code. There is a note to include additional code for any associated ulceration. I am wondering if 459.81 can, if need be, used as a single code.

SuperCoder Answered Mon 06th of June, 2011 18:25:07 PM

Hi Kathy,

You are correct in this scenario. As per my view, it is 459.81 venous (peripheral) insufficiency, unspecified. I went to the book and looked under venous, it directs you to the condition, I went to Stasis and then under venous and it lists 459.81.

454.xx is for varicose veins

If it's a venous stasis ulcer with varicose vein, use code 454.0. If there's no varicose vein, go with 459.81. As per your question, there is no VV in impression, so it is 459.81. Please let me know what you think.

Kathy Posted Mon 06th of June, 2011 18:33:20 PM

That sounds correct to me. I gathered theh same impression as per the ICD book.

Qestion: I am a bit unclear as to wether or not a 459.81 can be used without the second ulcer code. The ulcer in this particular patient has healed. So, it would be innapropriate to bill out as 459.81 / 707._ _. Can I just use 459.81?

SuperCoder Answered Mon 06th of June, 2011 19:03:27 PM

I would recommend V67.59 as 2nd Dx code.

Kathy Posted Mon 06th of June, 2011 19:13:22 PM


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