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Neil Posted Tue 10th of December, 2019 14:23:32 PM
H , I just need clarification re venous catherization. (1) If RT internal jugular and RT subclavian veins were selectively catheterized, do I code 36012, 36012 /59? If the catheter from RT Internal jugular vein advances to Lingual veins , how would I code it?
SuperCoder Answered Wed 11th of December, 2019 04:03:57 AM

Hi Neil,

Right Internal Jugular and Right Subclavian veins are the Second Order Venous Vascular Family, whereas, Lingual is the Beyond Second Order Venous Vascular Family. For Rt subclavian selective catheterization, CPT 36012 can be coded. When surgeon is performing Rt Internal Jugular and Lingual, as per guidelines Lingual has to be coded because it is farthest, i.e. Lingual in your case. For which CPT 36012 is the only code. Hence, you can bill two units of CPT 36012 without the modifier 59, but do not forget to append RT modifier for the side determination. Or if you are billing the codes in different line items, then append modifier 59 with second line item; 36012-RT (Line-1) and 36012-59-RT (Line-2), modifier 59 is just to clarify that the second code is Distinct Procedure Service.

Hope this helps!

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