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venom rush immunotherapy

Sharon Posted Fri 27th of January, 2017 18:51:25 PM
Patient who received 7 Doses of wasp, 7 doses of mixed vespid, 7 does of Honey bee. Patient was here for a 5 hours yesterday morning. I will bill CPT 95149 Five single stinging venoms (mixed Vespids (Mixed Vespids include: white faced hornet, yellow hornet and yellow jacket as a combine antigen ), + 2 add’l bees) X 21 units (# of doses) AND Beacause patient received more than one injection we would bill 95117. QUESTION: Since the patient is here for five hours, would we be able to bill 95180 Rapid desensitization procedure, each hour (eg, insulin, penicillin, equine serum) x 5 units WITH CPT 95149 X 21 units and CPT 95117?
SuperCoder Answered Mon 30th of January, 2017 04:21:55 AM

Hi Sharon,

Seeing the above information we will not go for CPT 95180. This code is given when your documentation says that patients dose was increased or given is certain ratio to develope his tolerence towards substance. If provider is consistent in giving the dose then we will not go for 95180. Please fell free to ask for further assistence. Thank you.

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