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  1. Lisa Posted 6 month(s) agoRelated Topics

    I interpret duplex vascular studies in my office and want to know if there is a code for supervision and interpretation that I should include along with the standard codes like 93971, 93970, etc.

  2. SuperCoder Posted 6 month(s) ago

    You may bill the global code (93970 or 93971) as it includes both the supervision and interpretation. There is no separate code of supervision and interpretation for Vascular Duplex studies.

    If the provider performed only the interpretation of the studies in the office, then append modifier-26 (Professional Component) along with the appropriate CPT code. The TC (technical component) would be billed separately.

    If the physician performed both the components (Professional and Technical), then bill for the global code (93970 or 93971) without any modifier.


    NOTE: Vascular Duplex studies Codes are for (complete bilateral studies) and for (unilateral or limited study). Do check the medical documentation of supervision and interpretation while appending appropriate CPT code.

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