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Urine Drug Screening

Victoria Posted Wed 16th of January, 2019 13:27:23 PM
Hello, I am needing clarification on how to correctly code Urine Drug Screening. This is something new our practice (Private Pathology Practice) is doing and I am needing to make sure I am understanding this correctly. Is 80305 and 80307 a stackable code? I understand that it is only reported 1unit per DOS. And then when we are coding for individual type of drug (i.e. cocaine, alcohol, cannabinoids), in addition to 80307 ? If we did a initial test of 80305, and then the patient was positive, and we decided to test for additional drugs we would only code the 80307 and not the 80305? Would we only report 80305 if the patient was negative? And lastly would we use a modifier for the different types of drugs we are testing for? Thank you
SuperCoder Answered Thu 17th of January, 2019 07:00:24 AM

Thank you for your Question.

Code 80305 is used to report procedures in which the results are read by direct optical observation. The results are visually read. Examples of these procedures are dipsticks, cups, cards, and cartridges. Report 80305 once, irrespective of the number of direct observation drug class procedures performed or results on any date of service.


Code 80307 is used to report any number of devices or procedures by instrumented chemistry analyzers. There are many different instrumented methodologies available to perform presumptive drug assays. Examples include immunoassay (eg, EIA, ELISA, EMIT, FPIA, IA, KIMS, RIA), chromatography (eg, GC, HPLC), and mass spectrometry, either with or without chromatography (eg, DART, DESI, GC-MS, GC-MS/MS, LC-MS, LC-MS/MS, LDTD, MALDI, TOF). Some of these methodologies may be used for definitive drug testing also, but, for presumptive drug testing, the presumptive method is insufficient to provide definitive drug identification. Report 80307 once, irrespective of the number of drug class procedures or results on any date of service.

As per NCCI edit CPT Code 80305 is a column 2 code for 80307, These codes cannot be billed together in any circumstances. Both CPT codes are method-based procedures. Since, the MUE of this Code is 1 Report the service once, irrespective of the number of drug class procedures performed.


Hope this Helps!

Victoria Posted Fri 18th of January, 2019 16:12:04 PM
Thank you for your response. So just to make sure I understand correctly, would I code the method (80307) and then the CPT code for the drug that is being tested for?
SuperCoder Answered Mon 21st of January, 2019 00:52:31 AM

Thank you for Question!


CPT code 80307 would be appropriate if the instrumented methodologies are used to perform Urine drug screening. For drug confirmatory testing you can code specific codes (i.e. cocaine, alcohol, cannabinoids), e.g 80353, 80320.


Hope this Helps!

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