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Dezhi Posted Wed 28th of October, 2015 15:56:42 PM

Question: How to code injection of medication to cerebrospinal fluid through implanted EVD?
I would like to know the relevant CPT code, ICD-9 code and ICD-10 code to describe injection of medication to cerebrospinal fluid through implanted EVD.

Some relevant codes in my mind are as follows:

CPT: 61026 (Ventricular puncture through previous burr hole, fontanelle, suture, or implanted ventricular catheter/reservoir; with injection of medication or other substance for diagnosis or treatment)

ICD-9: 02.21 (Insertion or replacement of external ventricular drain [EVD]
External ventricular drainage [EVD] setup
Replacement of external ventricular drain
Ventricular catheter placement for:
drainage of cerebrospinal fluid [CSF]
injection of medication or other substance
sampling of cerebrospinal fluid [CSF])
or 01.02 (Ventriculopuncture through previously implanted catheter)

ICD-10: 009600Z, 009630Z, or 009640Z (Drainage of Cerebral Ventricle with Drainage Device)
or 8C01X6J (Collection of cerebrospinal fluid from indwelling device in nervous system)

Although these ICD-10 codes are translated from the ICD-9 codes 02.21 and 01.02, their descriptions don't sound like they still describe any medication injection. Can you please also clarify if these ICD-10 codes are appropriate?

SuperCoder Answered Thu 29th of October, 2015 01:31:05 AM

Thanks for your question.

The appropriate codes for this procedure are:
CPT Code 61026
ICD-9 Procedure Code 01.02
ICD-10 Procedure Code 8C01X6J

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