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Ureteral Cath and Renal Pelvis Barbotage?

Nicole Posted Thu 11th of February, 2016 09:53:32 AM

I am billing for a Ambulatory Surgical Center...

The doctor performed a Cystoscopy w/ bladder biopsy, Bilateral Ureteral Catheterization with Bilateral renal pelvis barbotage and collection of selective cytologies, retrograde pylogram.

I am looking at CPT codes 52204 (Cysto w/ bladder biopsy) and 74420-TC (retrograde pyelogram).

I am not sure, however, if the Catheterization and the Renal Pelvis Barbatoge and Collection of Selective Cytologies would be inclusive OR if there is a separate CPT code for those procedures.

Any help would be appreciated.

SuperCoder Answered Fri 12th of February, 2016 02:04:10 AM

The code 52204 seems to be appropriate.
In regards to your other question about billing CPT 74420, per the American Urological Association/AUAnet: "If the retrograde is performed to complete the procedure, CCI considers the retrograde inherent to the endoscopy procedure performed. However, if the physician performed the supervision and interpretation of the retrograde, the urogloist may bill 74420. If the physician does not own the equipment, a -26 modifier ust be appended to the 74420. A complete and separate report must be dictated with findings."

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