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upb- penile modeling with insertion of prosthesis

Diana Posted Thu 17th of September, 2015 13:32:13 PM

insert from an op note
Next, the penile prosthesis was placed using retractor on with side, a Keith needle with a furlough I was able to place mid glans puncture through the glandular area and put both prosthesis into place using a 2cm rear tip extended on the left and a 3cm on the right. HE DID HAVE A CURVATURE, WHICH WAS A DORAL CURVATURE AND SOME PEYRONIE'S THAT HAD DEVELOPED AS A RESULT OF HIS PRIAPISM AND AT THIS TIME PENILE MODELING WAS PERFORMED AND AFTER FEELING THE GIVE WITH A FULL PROSTHEIC, I WAS ABLE TO MAKE IT APPEAR STRAIGHT.

My question is if there is a code for penile modeling, what is it and it is my understanding that when done with a insertionremoval of a penile prosthesis it would be included.

SuperCoder Answered Fri 18th of September, 2015 04:48:20 AM

The modeling procedure would be included in the procedure of the prosthesis insertion. There is not a CPT code for a separately billable service. I have also included the Clinical Responsibility information for code 54405.

A transverse incision is made on the pubic area above the penis. Alternatively, an incision can also be made vertically at the underside of the penis, between the penis and scrotum. The spongy tissues of the penis are partially removed and the dilators are used for insertion of prosthesis. During insertion of prosthesis, cares should be taken to preserve important nerves and blood vessels. The inflatable penile prosthesis consists of a) penile cylinders, b) reservoir, and c) a pump. The inflatable cylinders are secured into the shaft of the penis inside the spongy tissues (corpora cavernosa). The reservoir is implanted behind the pubic bone and the pump, with inflation–deflation mechanism, is placed in the scrotum. The reservoir is filled with sterile saline. The components are connected by tubing. After completion of insertion of the prosthesis, tissues and incision is closed by suturing. A recipient can control the pump. Once inflated, the fluid from reservoir moves into the cylinders to give stiff erection to the penis and when deflated the fluid moves back into reservoir and thus rendering the penis the natural flaccid stage

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