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UDS for 2015

Guna Posted Mon 12th of January, 2015 04:35:25 AM

In 2015, What is the exact replacement code for CPT 80101 and 80104 (UDS)? And do we report units with that or not. Please advice

SuperCoder Answered Mon 12th of January, 2015 10:00:42 AM

Thanks for your question. CPT® 2015 adds 80300 as part of an overhaul of the entire drug screening section. Use this code for simpler drug screening tests for any number of drug classes tested on a single date from List A. You’ll find List A in the CPT® 2015 introduction for this section. Simpler methods include any test that is not thin layer chromatography, such as immunoassay, that the analyst can read by direct optical observation, including dipsticks, cups, cards, and cartridges. This method may involve the use of an instrument such as a desk top analyzer.

The code set eliminates all drug screening codes in the range 80100 to 80104 in 2015, and you should instead turn to new codes in the range 80300 to 80304 for presumptive drug class screening. Use one unit of 80300 no matter how many of these procedures the lab analyst performs on a single date for the same patient. Use 80301 once to report single or multiple procedures performed, irrespective of the number of procedures, classes, or results on any date of service. Use code 80302 to report presumptive, single drug classes other than those in Drug Class List A (ie, Drug Class List B), other than direct optical observation or TLC, using immunoassays or chromatography without mass spectrometry, each drug class/procedure. Use 80303 to report single or multiple drug procedures using thin layer chromatography (TLC), per day of service. Use 80304 to report single or multiple drug screenings not specified elsewhere (eg, TOF, MALDI, LDTD, DESI, DART), per testing site, per date of service, each procedure. If a drug class is not listed in List A or List B and it is not performed by TLC, use 80304 unless the specific analyte is listed in the Chemistry Section (82009-84830).

For example:

To report five (5) presumptive drug classes performed using a direct optical observation device procedure (drug test cup or 5 separate dipsticks), report 80300 once per date of service.

To report thirteen (13) presumptive drug classes (Drug Class List A) performed using an automated chemistry analyzer, report 80301 once per facility, per date of service.

To report two (2) presumptive drug classes (Drug Class List B) performed using a semi-automated analyzer, report 80302 x2.

To report two (2) multiple drug TLC procedures (one acid/neutral analysis for 10 drugs; one base analysis for 45 drugs), report 80303 x 1, per date of service.

To report three (3) multiple drug class procedures (one acid/neutral drug analysis; one base drug analysis; one ultra-sensitive base drug analysis) performed using time of flight (TOF) mass spectrometry (chromatography insufficient to provide definitive drug identification), report 80304 X 3.

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