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two surgeons, different procedures

Ann Posted Wed 16th of November, 2016 14:38:06 PM
Dr. A performs TAH/BSO for post menopausal bleeding and adnexal mass. Dr. B assists TAH/BSO, but then performs cystourethroscopy and sigmoidoscopy to rule out GU fistula for flatal incontinence, urinary leakage. I was going to bill 58150.80 for Dr. B but I am not sure how to bill 52000 and 45330. Should I use 52000.59? Do I need to modify 45330 at all? I don't think 62 is correct. Please help. Thanks
SuperCoder Answered Thu 17th of November, 2016 01:24:57 AM

Doctor A is the main surgeon who performed TAH with BSO. Doctor B acted as an assistant surgeon during the procedure. You are right in applying CPT code 58150 with 80 modifier to doctor B. Just doing cystourethroscopy and sigmoidoscopy to rule out any injury to the internal organs postoperatively is not a seperately payable service.

As per NCCI 2016, Cystourethroscopy/Sigmoidoscopy performed near the termination of an intra-abdominal, intra-pelvic, or retroperitoneal surgical procedure to assure that there was no intraoperative injury to the ureters or urinary bladder and that they are functioning properly is not separately reportable with the surgical procedure. 

Therefore you would not be coding for Cystourethroscopy and sigmoidoscopy. 

Billing would be:

CPT code: 58150 for Main surgeon

CPT code: 58150-80 modifier for Assistant surgeon (if AS is a doctor).

CPT code: 58150-AS modifier for Assistant surgeon (if AS is not a doctor). 



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