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tracheostomy with bronchoscopy guidance

Amy Posted Wed 06th of November, 2019 07:00:22 AM
can we code both codes when provider done the service tracheostomy with bronchoscopy guidance. 31600, 31622
SuperCoder Answered Thu 07th of November, 2019 06:15:51 AM

Hello Amy,

Thank you for your question.


Tracheostomy performed by a pulmonologist is usually a planned tracheostomy, reported by CPT® code 31600. If medically necessary and appropriately documented, a diagnostic bronchoscopy CPT® code 31622, utilized during the tracheostomy procedure may be reported.


As per CCI Edits, there is a bundling conflict between both the CPT® codes, however, modifier-59 is allowed to rule out the bundling.


Hope that helps!


Amy Posted Thu 07th of November, 2019 23:23:54 PM
Thank you.
Amy Posted Thu 07th of November, 2019 23:32:25 PM
can we give 31615 code because provider made incision first in trachea and then inserts bronchoscopy untill visualization.
SuperCoder Answered Fri 08th of November, 2019 03:17:22 AM

Hello Amy,

Thank you for your additional information.


CPT® code 31615 states: Tracheobronchoscopy through established tracheostomy incision


This code can only be reported when there is no incision made and bronchoscopy is performed through an already established tracheostomy. So, do not report CPT® code 31615.


Now, since, your provider has performed a tracheostomy, you should report CPT® code 31600.


Hope that helps!


Amy Posted Tue 12th of November, 2019 01:02:01 AM
thank you.
SuperCoder Answered Wed 13th of November, 2019 00:29:46 AM

Thank you, happy to help.

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