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  1. Julie Posted 6 Year(s) agoRelated Topics

    hi everyone

    a patient walking our urgent care for suture removal he had put in by an other physician i wanna if there is a procedure code for suture and if medicare pay for it and a short cut how do i bill for that

  2. SuperCoder Posted 6 Year(s) ago

    Q&A from CPT Assistant, Dec. 2002, on suture removal:

    "If a physician removes sutures during an office visit that were originally placed by a different physician, how should the suture removal be reported?

    AMA Comment: There is not a separate code that describes removal of sutures when the removal is not performed under anesthesia. If the physician who removed the sutures did not place the sutures, then the suture removal would be considered part of evaluation and management (E/M). Removal of sutures by the physician who originally placed them is not separately reportable."


    Suture removal (American Academy of Family Physicians)

    Q: What code should I use for in-office removal of sutures placed by another physician (for example, following treatment in the emergency department)?

    A: There is no specific CPT code for this service. Use an office-visit code, such as 99211

    This is one of those "coding topics" that produces different opinions. For those carriers that recognize the code, HCPCS S0630 exists.

    Source: AAPC

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