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surgery global period

Ann Posted Mon 30th of September, 2019 13:59:45 PM
A patient wants to undergo a laparoscopy with fulguration of endometriosis, history of severe endometriosis; however, the patient underwent an umbilical herniorrhaphy a month ago- with another provider. Can she have a laparoscopic procedure within the 90 day global period of an unrelated surgery? (and get paid) or will this be denied as "in global period?" Thank you
SuperCoder Answered Tue 01st of October, 2019 10:25:36 AM


Thanks for your question.

Append modifier 79 to a procedure that is unrelated to the original procedure that the same provider performed and is performed during the original procedure’s postoperative period.

If the second surgery takes place on a different body part or different side of the body, modifier 79 is usually the right one. Modifier 79 is also appropriate if the provider links a second procedure to a totally different diagnosis and does not mention a complication.

Do not use modifier 79 for repeat procedures. Instead, append modifier 76 when the same provider performs the repeat procedure, and append modifier 77 when a different provider performs the repeat procedure.

Hope this helps.


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