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Suction D & C of ectopic pregnancy

Tanesha Posted Sun 08th of September, 2019 23:58:08 PM
The pt. had a Suction D & C performed of an ectopic pregnancy. Would an unlisted code be appropriate?
SuperCoder Answered Mon 09th of September, 2019 07:52:32 AM
Hi Tanesha nbsp Thanks for your question nbsp This documentation is not enough to suggest a correct code for repair of ectopic pregnancy So depending upon documentation of the medical record please select your code from the following codes nbsp Surgical treatment of ectopic pregnancy tubal or ovarian requiring salpingectomy...
Tanesha Posted Mon 09th of September, 2019 09:16:41 AM
None of the CPT descriptions seem to fit this scenario as no incision was made nor was this laparoscopic which is why I thought unlisted Excerpt from op note Cervix was exposed with a grave's vaginal speculum and grasped with a single-tooth tenaculum cc of marcaine was injected to create...
SuperCoder Answered Tue 10th of September, 2019 03:51:27 AM
Thanks for additional information As per this info physician has performed suction D amp C of cervix for ectopic pregnancy This is known as treatment of ectopic pregnancy You are advised to report code for treatment of ectopic pregnancy First of all please make sure where was the ectopic pregnancy...
Tanesha Posted Tue 10th of September, 2019 08:34:26 AM
Thank you for your response. Yes, I understand that an unlisted code is only appropriate when nothing else fits. Many of the ectopic codes didn't apply as this wasn't laparoscopic, by incision or with hysterectomy, salpingectomy. It appears though that 59140 will work.
Tanesha Posted Tue 10th of September, 2019 23:22:41 PM
Do you agree with 59140 per the documentation?
SuperCoder Answered Wed 11th of September, 2019 08:14:38 AM

If this was a cervical pregnancy, then yes code 59140 is a good choice.


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