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Loni Posted Thu 28th of January, 2016 13:09:52 PM

Would a locum tenens/reciprocal billing situation be applicable for the supervision of chemotherapy? Specifically, 3 physicians, 3 locations. Only two of the physicians travel to the satellites while one remains on campus.

If physician A is on the main campus and physician B is offsite at satellite 1, if Physician C wants to take a day off each week, can a locum tenens or reciprocal billing arrangement be in place for the supervision of chemotherapy at satellite 2?

Can this arrangement be applied to chemo supervision?

SuperCoder Answered Fri 29th of January, 2016 09:52:22 AM

Thanks for the Query

As per Locum Tenens billing,you can bill under Dr. A who is present at the campus in the absence of Dr. C with modifier Q6 or Q5. Billing will need a locum contract for this type of charges and also will have to check with each payer for the billing of same.

Loni Posted Fri 29th of January, 2016 10:25:41 AM

Sorry, let me clarify. "Dr A" would be 60 miles away on the main campus and chemo needs direct supervision...none of the physicians in the practice would be physically present, so the question is if a locum tenens provider could be utilized to supervise chemo and particularly since this is in reference to a weekly day off, not a vacation, illness, etc on a temporary basis.

SuperCoder Answered Mon 01st of February, 2016 10:02:31 AM


Yes locum tenens provider could be utilized to supervise chemo.

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