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Student question- ICD-9 code for prescriptions given in ER

Pamela Posted Mon 22nd of February, 2010 17:27:20 PM

I have an assignment to which I must answer that the primary procedure done in ER was only medications prescribed. What type of code do I use? Thanks

SuperCoder Answered Tue 23rd of February, 2010 10:04:43 AM

To arrive at some ICD-9 code, you should have "diagnostic condition" of the patient. As the physician in the ER dept. has prescribed some medicines to the patient, the doctor must have documented some diagnosis (for which the meds were given) in the ER report. You need to mention those diagnosis in order to pick up the right ICD codes.

SuperCoder Answered Tue 23rd of February, 2010 10:33:08 AM

I answered your query assuming that you are looking for some ICD codes (the subject line of the query says - "ICD-9 codes for prescriptions given in ER". Now as I said earlier, you must have the diagnostic conditions mentioned in ER report to code the ICD. But I am a little confused seeing the last sentence of your query that says - "What type of code do I use?". Are you really looking for ICD codes, or do you want to code for the service rendered by the physician in ER dept.? If this is the service what you are looking for, we do have a few CPT codes. Please clarify.

Linda Answered Thu 25th of March, 2010 06:48:59 AM

If the ER doctor is writing a script for a prescription or providing meds you could code 'V68.1', Issue of repeat prescription as a PDX, if you do not have a diagnosis as to why the patient is receiving the medication. This would be a low level EM level and in order to charge for a level the doctor still has to do a History and Physical, and nursing still needs to document. Our coders assign EM levels, this is for the facility side, not the Professional fee, we use the tool recommended by AHIMA, American Health Information Management, this tool is based on nursing documentation. Linda

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