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Still need answer for "dialysis" catheter exchange"

Lynn Posted Tue 12th of April, 2011 05:34:38 AM

I can find no code for DIALYSIS catheter replacement. Here are the details to my question you asked for Andrew;

Tunnel catheter exchange with fluoroscopic guidance

History: Male with nonfunctioning dialysis catheter.
Technique/findings; Right chest is cleaned in normal sterile fashion. Subcutaeous tissues were anesthetized with a lidocaine solution. Using blunt dissection, the catheter was removed from the skin. Over a stiff glidewire, the catheter was exchanged for a 23 cm cuff-to-tip catheter ( the original catheter was 19 cm) .
Both ports flushed well. Catheter was sutured to the skin using 2-0 monofilament. The lumens were filled with predetermined amounts of 1000:1 heparin.
This procedure I think comes close to a Central Venous replacement, but not sure.

Here is another example;
Procedure; Repair of Tesio catheter (which I think is a hemodialysis double lumen catheter)
This renal failure patient had a Tesio catheter in his left femoral vein, the hub of which was not functioning well and required replacement.
The old Tesio catheter was amputated. The attachment device and new Tesio catheters were then inserted on the blue and the red side. After being flushed and heparinized there was good blood return from both catheters.
So I'm thinking this is not a Central Venous catheter. I would sure appreciate help on these.

SuperCoder Answered Wed 13th of April, 2011 11:29:38 AM

At first look, it seemed to me 36581 with guidance code.

But, your question is more analytical. I will give this a second look.

Lynn Posted Thu 21st of April, 2011 19:57:06 PM

Please don't forget my question!

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