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SI Fusion

Nicole Posted Tue 26th of June, 2018 22:30:54 PM
C-Arm was brought into field. Sacral and Ilial lines were marked. Incision made approx. 3 cm posteriorly. Using inlet, outlet and lateral views, dilators were placed into the SI joint. Three dowels were inserted. Guides were used in the process of inserting. Neuromonitoring was performed during procedure. Is this CPT code 27279 -LT?
SuperCoder Answered Wed 27th of June, 2018 10:54:50 AM


The code 27279 suggest that the abdominal muscles are detached from the ilium to access the sacroiliac joint capsule. He incises the capsule to enter the joint. He then does a thorough debridement of the sacroiliac joint cartilage using a burr. Next, he fuses the sacroiliac joint using K wire, staples, plates, or headless screws to restrict the movement.

Procedure seems appropriate, make sure your medical documentation support the procedure code.

Please feel free ask, if you have any questions.


Nicole Posted Wed 27th of June, 2018 16:32:20 PM
I guess I am confused then what the difference is (or what key points) should I be looking for between 27279 .vs. 27280.
SuperCoder Answered Thu 28th of June, 2018 12:22:56 PM


In 27279, percutaneous/minimally invasive small incision is made through the gluteal fascia and muscle to reach the ilium and under fluoroscopic or CT guidance, a pin is placed from the ilium through the sacroiliac joint to the lateral portion of the sacrum whereas in 27280 the surgeon makes an open incision along the posterior two-thirds of iliac crest, continuing curved around posterior superior spine and a rectangular bone window is cut and removed from the ilium.



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