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Rupture abductor repair / iliotibial band repair

Nicole Posted Tue 18th of August, 2015 15:13:47 PM

The patient had the following done:

Diagnosis: Seroma of Hip & Rupture of the abductor repair and iliotibial band repair

Patient had a previous hip replacement. Returns to the operating room:
Synovium was removed from the joint and sent for cultures. 12 liters antibiotic irrigant was used to irrigate the joint and the hip. The hip was dislocated. The MDM Liner and metallic liner from the acetabular shell was removed. The hip was irrigated. The 46 MKM insert and MDM liner were reinserted into the hip. The hip was relocated. Abductors were freed of scar tissue. The abductors were repaired back down to the greater trochanter.

The codes I am looking at is the 27134 and 10140.

SuperCoder Answered Wed 19th of August, 2015 06:47:46 AM

Well, you approach is correct. Use CPT 27134 only. CPT code will not be paid separately with the primary procedure. Hope it helps!

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