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Sandeep Posted Mon 15th of January, 2018 06:07:14 AM
A medical record metions “Ros reviewed other than HPI”. In this case how many ROS count should be considered?. Should Points mentioned in HPI are to be counted while calculating ROS or it should be considered as "complete ROS"?
SuperCoder Answered Tue 16th of January, 2018 02:30:35 AM


ROS count depends upon number of body systems reviewed. ROS is an inventory of body systems obtained by asking a series of questions to identify signs and/or symptoms the patient may be experiencing or has experienced. If doctor reviewed only one body system, it is considered to be one count and if doctor reviewed 10 body systems than it is considered to be 10 or complete ROS.

Points mentioned in HPI are not to be  counted while calculating ROS, if ROS is mentioned separately.

Please check the page no. 7, 8, 9, 10 of below link for better understanding:



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