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Right lapidus modified mcbride, and akin osteotomy

Nicole Posted Fri 15th of February, 2019 13:21:05 PM
Medial incision was made at the 1st MTP joint and carried through subcutaneous tissue. Then a medial incision was made on 1st MTP joint . Medial side of the distal metatarsal was excised using oscillating saw and ronguer. The rough edges were smoothed with a rasp. Incision was made lateral to the 1st MTP joint through which a capsular release was performed to allow for mobilazation of teh metatarsal, A proximal incision was made over the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint through which the joint was opened , denuded of articular cartilage and prepped with 2mm drill holes. some lateral shoulder was removed to help with reduction and once reduced secure fixation was done with 2 lag screws using 3.5 mm cortical screws. Distally, and akin osteotomy was performed to correct the deformity. A bone graft was done at the base of the 1st tarsal phalangeal joint using shear relieving bone graft technique. My doctor gave me codes 28297, 28298, and 28292 but doesn't seem correct. Any insight?
SuperCoder Answered Mon 18th of February, 2019 03:53:56 AM

Hi Nicole,


As per the provided documentation, CPT code 28297 and 28298 would be the appropriate CPT codes. Append 59 modifier with 28298 to bypass the bundling edit.




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