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Barbara Posted 3 month(s) ago
Can anyone help guide me in the right direction on coding this. He made a post auricular incision in the mastoid cavity and performed a mastiodectomy, after that he states " attention was turned towards the lateral semi circular canal and superior semi circular canal. The superior semi circular canal was drilled which led to the exposure of a dehiscent area in the semi circular canal. The dura was dissected off and a pocket was created between the tegmen and the dura posterior and medial to the superior semi circular canal. Once this was done, I noted that a lot of tegmen bone was taken out opening up the areas of dura. I note that a piece of cortical bone was harvested from the temporal bone and in a split calvarial graft type fashion, this piece was bone was wedged on top of the superior semi circular canal to reconstruct this area." I am coding a 69641 but i have no idea what to use for the dehiscence repair. Any help would be appreciated.
SuperCoder Posted 3 month(s) ago



As there is no specific code for this type of scenario please use the unlisted procedure inner ear code 69949.


Hope this helps!

Barbara Posted 3 month(s) ago
In the end that was what i was thinking. Thank you for your help.
SuperCoder Posted 3 month(s) ago

Your welcome!

Posted by Barbara, 3 month(s). There are 4 posts. The latest reply is from SuperCoder.

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