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  1. Nicole Posted 6 Year(s) agoRelated Topics

    needing help with this procedure. possibly 27386?
    POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Medial retinacular and quad rupture right knee status post
    total knee arthroplasty.
    OPERATION: Repair medial retinacular and quad tendon.
    PROCEDURE: Previous repair was opened. There was a small area of drainage inferiorly. No gross signs of purulence or infection. The medial retinacular repair had completely failed. She had contracture of the lateral quad. I did a V-Y plasty with an anatomic repair of the quad using #2 FiberWire on the V-Y portion and the medial retinaculum. I placed a drain deep. Thorough irrigation was performed and fibrinous exudate was removed. Hemostasis was noted. Two-layer skin closure with 2-0 Vicryl and staples
    were applied.

  2. SuperCoder Posted 6 Year(s) ago

    You are right. The CPT code 27386 would be the most appropriate code for the given scenario.

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