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  1. Barbara Posted 7 Year(s) agoRelated Topics

    Removal of a G-tube is usually done in the office as part of the office visit, but what would you code if this had to be done in the OR under anesthesia?

  2. SuperCoder Posted 7 Year(s) ago

    The CPT manual does not contain a code that accurately describes removal of a G-tube. When a G-tube is removed in the operating room, the unlisted code 43999 should be reported. Also, because an unlisted code is being reported, the claim should be submitted on paper and be accompanied by a copy of the operative report describing the service performed.
    If the G-tube is removed in the office or at the bedside in the hospital, the service is considered part of any evaluation and management service that is provided.

  3. Jagadish Posted 7 Year(s) ago

    If the surgeon who originally billed the G-tube placement, does this 'anywhere' it cannot be billed. It is included in the E/M. No need to bill this with unlisted code.

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