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Rectal Exam (Female)

Suhel Posted Tue 26th of June, 2012 15:24:29 PM

Is there a code i can use for a Rectal exam done on a female patient? I use G0102 for male patients, but have been unable to find a similar code for females. Thanks in advance for the help.

SuperCoder Answered Tue 26th of June, 2012 19:47:08 PM

In women, a digital rectal exam may be performed during a routine gynecologic examination.

A digital rectal exam is also done to collect stool for testing for fecal occult (hidden) blood as part of screening for colorectal cancer.

This procedure is also done before other tests, such as a colonoscopy, to make sure nothing is blocking the rectum before inserting an instrument.

Use appropriate codes as per the given scenario. You wont find a straight code for this to get paid.

Suhel Posted Tue 26th of June, 2012 20:01:32 PM

Thanks for the response. We do Anoscopy in the office for which i bill 46600; But several times the doctor will do a rectal exam without the anoscopy - so will this be included in the e/m code for that visit?

SuperCoder Answered Tue 26th of June, 2012 20:34:03 PM

Yes, you are right.

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