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  1. Teresa Posted 7 Year(s) agoRelated Topics

    Would you please help me with the coding on this operation?
    1)Right great toe ray amputation

    Patient had Amputation of right great toe with metatarsal one year ago and now has first metatarsal head exposed with osteomyelitis. I was looking at code 28122 because in the op note he states he took the metatarsal bone back to good healthy bone and he then took the bone at that point. He did not state that he took the whole metatarsal head. What do you think?
    Thank you for your help with this procedure.

  2. SuperCoder Posted 7 Year(s) ago

    I agree with you.

  3. SuperCoder Posted 7 Year(s) ago

    Generally, for Ray amputation we go for 28810, but as per this note its seems to be 28122. It would be better if you could provide the complete op report.

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