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Radical Diskectomy,partial corpectomy,bilateral foraminotomy,interbody fusion

Candy Posted Sun 28th of October, 2012 21:12:06 PM

Please help with the following surgery

The patient given general anesthesia. Skin incision along anterior border of the stenomastoid for 3ins and the platysma was divided in line w/ the skin incision. Dissection was continued between the carotid vessels laterally and the trachea and esophagus medially until the anterior border of the vertebral bodies was reached. Cloward retractors applied on either side of C5-C6 disk.The anterior osteophytes were removed and disk was incised on either side using #11 blade. Radical diskectomy was carried out including the cartalaginous endplates. A disk space spreader was introduced and the disk space was distracted. Partial Corpectomy of the lower end of C5 and upper end of C6 were done by removing the osteophytes and part of the cortical endplates. The decompression was exteneded posteriorly and laterally to acheive bilateral anterior foraminotomy. The posterior longitudinal ligament was removed to expose and decompress the dural sac and the nerve roots in the full width of the spinal canal.A 12 -mm bone plug was cut up onto appropriate length and height and inserted into the disk space. When the spreader was removed, the bone plug was found to be tightly in place. The space on either side of the bonw plug was packed with bone chips until the entire space was filled w/ bone material.Next, the same procedure was done at C6-C7 level, then the C3-C4 level and finally C4-C5 level. The decompression and fusion were found to be adequate on all 4 levels. An 83-mm SARAL plate was selected and it was applied under Fluoroscopy using 16-mm screws, 2 open at C7 and 14 mm screws, 2 at C3,C4,C5, and C6 levels.

SuperCoder Answered Mon 29th of October, 2012 14:04:55 PM

Hi Candy,

We are working on this. Will get back to you soon with the answer.


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