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Jenneta Posted Fri 06th of March, 2015 13:42:46 PM


Can I bill 77295 for different treatment areas on the same day or within the same week? ex. patient will be receiving treatment for the clavicle (area number 1) and the chest wall (area number 2)

SuperCoder Answered Tue 10th of March, 2015 04:35:15 AM

Hi Walsh,
You will need a second set of CT data to support your coding for a separate 77295 again. Your oncologist would need to order 2 separate 3D plans and each will need a separate set of CT slices.

Hope it helps you.

Thank you

Jenneta Posted Thu 09th of April, 2015 10:07:15 AM

So how do we bill when there is only one CT but we are treating multiple sites? eg. the chest wall and the super clavicle?

SuperCoder Answered Fri 10th of April, 2015 03:31:13 AM

It can be reported CPT Code 77295 only ONCE per course of therapy even if there is a planned ‘cone-down’ treatment feature or change in field size. It is reported a single unit of 77295 when the oncologist uses the same CT data-sets to plan the two sets of treatments. Thus, it would be most appropriate for you to report a single unit of 77295.

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