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Annonymous Posted Thu 07th of December, 2017 21:49:48 PM
Hi, In an article on here it states thst we should bill a post reduction xray with a 76,77 or 59 modifer. However, the ncci edits on the cms website for this year state that professional conponents for post op xrays should NOT be billed, though the technical component may be billed. Please clarify. Should we be charging for the physician for postop xrays that are to confirm placement? Please see the ncci edits, perhaps i need clarification on their rule. Thank you.
SuperCoder Answered Fri 08th of December, 2017 07:48:43 AM


When a comparative imaging study is performed to assess potential complications or completeness of a procedure (eg, post-reduction, post-intubation, post-catheter placement, etc.) the professional component of the CPT code for the post-procedure imaging study is not separately payable and should not be reported.  The technical component of the CPT code for the post-procedure imaging study may be reported along with TC modifier.

Hope this helps!


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