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Chrys Posted Sat 12th of January, 2019 08:57:23 AM
PLACENTA, SPONTANEOUS VAGINAL DELIVERY: - Full term placenta, fetal membranes and trivascular hypercoiled umbilical cord - Weight: 310 grams, (< 10th percentile for gestational age) - Inflammation consistent with amniotic fluid infection - Maternal response stage 2 (acute chorioamnionitis), grade 1 (mild) - Fetal response stage 1 (umbilical phlebitis), grade 1 (mild) - Pathologic findings consistent with maternal vascular malperfusion - Parenchymal changes consistent with ischemia with increased syncytial knots - Single peripheral infarct (0.8 cm) - Placental hypoplasia WHAT ICD10 WOULD YOU ASSIGN THANK YOU
SuperCoder Answered Mon 14th of January, 2019 09:00:38 AM


Thanks for your question.

The appropriate ICD-10CM code is O41.1231 (Chorioamnionitis), O43.813 Placental infarction, third trimester and O43.893 (other placental disorder, third trimester).

In chorioamnionitis membranes that surround the fetus and the amniotic fluid are infected by bacteria. Chorioamnionitis may be accompanied by vasculitis of the umbilical blood vessels (due to the fetus' inflammatory cells) and, if very severe, funisitis or concentric perivasculitis (inflammation of the umbilical cord's connective tissue).

Hope this helps.


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