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  1. Liz Posted 6 Year(s) agoRelated Topics

    How should I code the following:

    Removal of Dual chamber pacer
    Capping of Atrial lead (is this billable?)
    Placement of VVI pacer ( 33207?)

    Thank you.

  2. SuperCoder Posted 6 Year(s) ago

    Hello Liz

    The CPT code for "Placement of VVI pacer" is correct (33207).
    Here the scenario is reflecting that "the old dual lead is replaced with sigle lead with no replacement of Pulse generator". The "Removal of Dual chamber pacer Capping of Atrial lead" can change the whole scenario and it also depend upon the approach of the procedure. (I think CPT 33235 may qualify for the scenario)
    Could you please specify the approach of the procedure, so we can suggest you the exact code.


  3. Liz Posted 6 Year(s) ago

    Hi Snay,

    Here is what the report says:
    Using lidocaine with Marcaine, a 5 cm incision was made over the old incision in the left deltopectoral groove. Dissection was carried down to the device and the device removed. The atrial lead was removed and checked... and this was capped and placed in the pocket. The ventricular lead was detached functioned well... this was then attached to the new device.

    Thank you.

  4. SuperCoder Posted 6 Year(s) ago

    The appropriate CPT code for the given scenario would be - 33207 only.

  5. Liz Posted 6 Year(s) ago

    Thanks so much!

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