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Penetrating keratoplasty ,Aphakia?

Amy Posted Wed 21st of November, 2012 04:27:04 AM

I have a tricky one where they are trying to see if I can code!
Proc is Penetrating Keratoplasty, left eye, aphakia. They have 65730
I think it is wrong, states except in aphakia or pseudophakia. I coded 65750, states penetrating in aphakia. Am I right?
Also they coded Subconjunctival Injection x3 68200. It mentions in the report Subcvonjunctival injection of Ancef,tobramycin, and Decadron were given? Would you use this code x3?

I need this if you can latest by early am! I have to turn this test in early in the morning.

Thanks a Million!
Amy Bedford-CPC

SuperCoder Answered Wed 21st of November, 2012 13:27:52 PM

Subconjunctival Injection stands for one substance that is then injected slowly which will cause a ballooning effect between the conjunctiva and sclera.
Here 3 substances are injected resulting to code 68200 x3 times.

You are correct in coding 65750 Keratoplasty (corneal transplant); penetrating (in aphakia)

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