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  1. Melanie Posted 7 Year(s) agoRelated Topics

    Patient is a peg-tube patient who was presented with abdominal pain due to the site being infected - peg tube did not require being replaced, but the stoma itself was infected..

    Because the treatment was administered to the stoma site itself, wouldnt the diag code be v55.9 where this patient is a peg-tube pt? I dont want to use v55.1 because of the fact its not a pegless-stoma-only patient....unless that is more appropriate...

    Thanks in advance for your help...

  2. SuperCoder Posted 7 Year(s) ago

    You need to code from the current area of infection i.e. 536.41, and use an additional code to identify the organism. Also code V43.89 for a status post Peg tube.

  3. Melanie Posted 7 Year(s) ago

    It was not a bacterial infection, standard inflammation issue at the site

  4. SuperCoder Posted 7 Year(s) ago

    Per my thinking, you can code 536.41 as primary Dx (this is valid even for site infection by inflammation, not necessarily always due to bacterial infec.) and the secondary Dx could be V55.1 (to show that the Pt. is PEG status, and the mgmt. is given to that site only).

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