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  1. Melanie Posted 8 Year(s) agoRelated Topics

    My understanding is that if the tube is removed without the use of sutures, we would have to bill this as a miscellaneous code (Medicare patient) - 49999, which I know requires documentation.

    In an office setting, can we bill the office visit with a mod 25? This is BRAND NEW to me in this specialty...

    Assistance is greatly appreciated... and I thank you in advance 8-)

  2. SuperCoder Posted 8 Year(s) ago

    Although the PEG tube is technically a foreign object (in other words, it is not a natural part of the patient’s body), CPT classifies PEG tube removal as an incidental service and does not contain a code to describe the procedure. Therefore, the physician may report only appropriatelevel E/M codes to describe his service.
    To know more check the "NCCI Policy Manual-Chpt 6-page 122"

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