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    A patient is admitted with abdominal pain and bloating, also has PMH of HTN, insulin requiring DM, and Alzheimers with dementia. He is discharged with a diagnosis of abcess of the intestine with a perforated colon due to diverticulitis. Would the principal diagnosis be 562.11 amd secondary be 567.22? Should we code the other diagnosis and what would the DRG be? Thank you!

  2. SuperCoder Posted 4 Year(s) ago


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  3. SuperCoder Posted 4 Year(s) ago

    Report 562.11 as principal DX.

    Sec. DXs are as follows:"569.5, 331.0, 294.10, 401.9, 250.00".

    DRG for the presented scenario is 392.

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