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Partial phalangectomy

Jamie Posted Thu 07th of August, 2014 18:51:24 PM

Physician performed Partial phalangectomy on right fifth metatarsal with a Syndactylization on right fourth and fifth toes. Dr provided codes 28150 and 28280. Also looking at codes 28153 or 28126 as options. How would you recommend coding this procedure?

Thank you

SuperCoder Answered Fri 08th of August, 2014 03:32:32 AM

Can you please share a broad description from the operative note of the procedures performed? Also, please mention the diagnosis. In case, the provider has mentioned the reason for performing partial phalangectomy, please also provide that.

Thanks !!

Jamie Posted Fri 08th of August, 2014 13:15:04 PM

DX: Right fifth hammertoe

Triangular type incisions were made on the opposing surfaces of the fourth and fifth toes. The skin was basically excised. An incision was then made right in the midline of the proximal phalanx going out to the PIP joint. The PIP joint was entered and dissection carried out exposing the distal aspect of the proximal phalanx. This was removed with a bone biter. I then Irrigated.

I then did the syndactylization by using a 4-0 nylon and first putting a suture into the apex of those two triangles and them closing the plantar arm and then dorsal arm. The toe looked good when I was done. Sterile dressings were applied,

SuperCoder Answered Mon 11th of August, 2014 12:47:12 PM

Use code 28280 for syndactylization and code 28126 for partial phalangectomy from distal aspect of proximal phalanx.

Code 28280 represents 'Syndactylization, toes (eg, webbing or kelikian type procedure)'.

Code 28126 represents 'Resection, partial or complete, phalangeal base, each toe'.

Thanks !!

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