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Pacemaker change out new leads???

Kimberly Posted Tue 29th of September, 2015 13:25:53 PM

Pt pacemaker reached ERI need help deciding what I can bill
Pt has an atrial lead from 1980's that is unipolar and ventricular lead that is bipolar. They realized ; however, the sleeve for atrial lead was not available. since the atrial IS-1 unipolar lead was not available they decided to use an adapter converting atrial lead to bipolar lead as well so that a regular newer pacemaker could be used. The Old pacemaker was removed and a bipolar pacemaker was used, using adapter with the atrial lead and connecting to the pacemaker.

I am not sure is the adapter counts for a lead for billing please help me to bill

Thank You

SuperCoder Answered Wed 30th of September, 2015 09:39:50 AM

Well, old pacemaker was removed and a new pacemaker was implanted, so it is basically pacemaker replacement. A pacemaker system includes a pulse generator containing electronics, a battery, and one or more electrodes (leads). Pulse generators are placed in a subcutaneous "pocket" created in either a subclavicular site or underneath the abdominal muscles just below the ribcage. Electrodes may be inserted through a vein (transvenous) or they may be placed on the surface of the heart (epicardial). The epicardial location of electrodes requires a thoracotomy for electrode insertion. As system it self contains the battery and electrode, so it cannot be billed separately. Hope it helps!

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