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Outpatient Behavioral Health - Parent Conferences

Justin Posted Tue 19th of May, 2020 19:19:43 PM
Hello - we're an outpatient behavioral health organization providing services for children where we have multiple disciplines providing parent conferences services. These parent conference services when part of a multidisciplinary evaluation are part of sharing test results and diagnostic impressions with caregivers, and interactive feedback between clinicians and caregivers to share findings of evaluation and recommendations related to treatment planning. We're not sure if this would be coded as 90887 (Collateral services), 96130/96132 (Psychological / Neuropsychological Evaluation Services), or something different. When a Speech/Language Pathologist or an Occupational Therapist provides this service, what is the appropriate coding (unlisted services 92700 & 97799 respectively, or something else). Could you please advise how these types of services are to be coded? Thanks
SuperCoder Answered Wed 20th of May, 2020 04:16:48 AM

Hi Justin,


As per the provided documentation, CPT code 90887 seems to be the most appropriate code since it includes the sharing of multiple disciplinary examination and procedure results with the family. Provided CPT codes 96130/96132 are related to Psychological testing evaluation only. These codes do not include sharing of multiple disciplinary examination and procedure results with the family.


Same applies for CPT codes 97151 which is for Behavior identification assessment with discussion of findings and recommendations with the caretakers and CPT code 96170 which is for Health behavior intervention of the family. Here, the provider, typically a psychologist, interviews the patient’s family and counsels them on strategies to change family dynamics and behaviors that adversely affect the patient's physical health and coping behaviors. This code represents the initial 30 minutes of face–to–face service with the patient’s family without the patient present. However, this code too does not include the sharing of multiple disciplinary findings related to the patient with the family.


There is no appropriate CPT code for services, when provided by Speech/Language Pathologist or an Occupational Therapist. Please use unlisted CPT codes (92700 & 97799).



Justin Posted Thu 21st of May, 2020 11:27:22 AM
Hello - just to be clear, if the feedback being shared with parents is part of the psychological/neuropsychological evaluation, 96130 and 96132 do not cover this service and we should be using 90887? I guess where we're hung up is "treatment planning and report and interactive feedback to the patient" which the parent conference is all part of in the context of the psychological/neuropsychological evalution. Thank you!
SuperCoder Answered Tue 26th of May, 2020 04:19:23 AM

Hi Justin,


CPT code 90887 is for interpretation and/or explanation of results of psychiatric and other medical examinations and procedures with the family. This code should be used when multiple disciplines (multiple specialties) are providing care to the patient and they are sharing their reports with the family.


If the results being shared are related to psychological/neuropsychological evaluation only, then 96130/96132 would be the appropriate code. The provider, physician or other qualified healthcare professional, administers standardized psychological tests to a patient, interprets the results, establishes a treatment plan, and prepares a report. Here, multiple disciplines are not involves in sharing of results and providing feedback to the family.


Hope provided information would be helpful.



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