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Darshna Posted Mon 05th of February, 2018 15:37:23 PM
Hi, my provider perform below procedure. Please advise what CPT code should I bill to insurance. 1. Removal of deep orthopedic implant x3, left lower extremity 2. Complex closure of wound approximately 5 cm. 3. Irrigation debridement of skin, soft tissue and bone 4. Use of intraoperative fluoroscopy, less than 1 hour Thank You Darshna
SuperCoder Answered Tue 06th of February, 2018 07:59:05 AM



As per the above scenario CPT code 20680 Removal of implant; deep (eg, buried wire, pin, screw, metal band, nail, rod or plate) seems appropriate. CPT codes for closure of wound and debridement are 11044 and 13121. But, these codes are not separately billable. Please check your documentation for anatomical location of number of hardware removed to bill the correct units of cpt code 20680.

Note: if two/more separate unrelated incisions are performed to remove different implants, report 20680 twice/more and append 59 modifier.

Hope this helps!

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