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operative report

Karen Posted Wed 06th of February, 2013 15:18:57 PM

I have a report on a patient that was previous operated on 11-8-12 and had to go back into surgery on 1-24-13. I am wondering how to code this second surgery.

The patient had surgery 11-8-12 to release the ulnar sagittal band proximally and centralization of the main central extensor using a flap of capsule with the closed portion ulnar and then additionally a one third radial extensor slip which was used to make a loop through the lumbrical and then back to the midline extensor mechanism to help prevent ulnar subluxation then repair of the radial sagittal band over construct.

2nd surgery

Preoperative and postoperative diagnosis : status post reconstruction of the restraints, previous sagittal band rupture of the left 3rd extensor, status post reconstruction now with a rupture of the third extensor proximal to the area of the reconstruction.
Then on 1-24-13 She had exploration of this third extensor dorsal mcp with debridement of the necrotic looking tissue and an extensor indicis proprius transfer to the third extensor distal stump and this was done with a pover-taft type wheeze then a transfer of the third extensor tendon after debridement ot the extensor indicis proprius with an intercalcary piece of tendon material sutured over the repair and excision of the capsular flaps plus release of the juncturae tendinum on the ulnar side of the third extensor.

SuperCoder Answered Wed 06th of February, 2013 17:12:25 PM


Please contact customer service- Manney at 866-228-9252 Extn : 4165 for this.


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