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Open shoulder osteophyte removal, RTC debridement, bursectomy

Tanesha Posted Wed 03rd of April, 2019 22:29:30 PM
Would you apply 23130, 23184 and 23929? Unlisted for the Open RTC debridement and Bursectomy? Other DX is Impingement. OP Excerpt: Acromioplasty was performed. There was marked thickening of underlying bursa. Complete bursectomy was performed. There was a complex complete tear of the rotator cuff lateral to the long head of the biceps. The rotator cuff was completely absent. There were large osteophytes which had formed on the humeral head lateral to the long head of the biceps. They were removed with rongeurs and smoothed with a rasp. The osteophytes on the undersurface of the AC joint were removed with rongeurs and smoothed with a rasp. The rotator cuff was debrided.
SuperCoder Answered Thu 04th of April, 2019 09:15:33 AM

Our team is working on your query, will get back to you soon.

Tanesha Posted Thu 04th of April, 2019 12:01:13 PM
Ok thank you, looking forward to your response particularly regarding the Open debridement RTC, bursectomy and osteophyte removal.
Tanesha Posted Fri 05th of April, 2019 08:27:59 AM
Will someone be responding soon to this? I have to finalize the acct.
SuperCoder Answered Fri 05th of April, 2019 08:38:25 AM

Hi Tanesha,

Thankyou for your patience. As per the above documentation, the codes given are appropriate. CPT 23130 for Acromioplasty, CPT 23184 for osteophyte removal, however, there is no definite code for debridement RTC, hence we will go with unlisted procedure, shoulder (23929). Also, you should include a cover letter stating why you are using the unlisted procedure code. This separate report should explain, in simple, straightforward language, exactly what the physician did. Feel free to ask for any further query. 

Tanesha Posted Fri 05th of April, 2019 13:17:40 PM
So you agree to unlisted for the open bursectomy as well?
SuperCoder Answered Mon 08th of April, 2019 02:54:32 AM

Yes, both open bersectomy and debridement RTC have no definite code. They will be together covered by unlisted code. Hope it helps.

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