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office manager

Karen Posted Wed 17th of February, 2016 14:45:06 PM

I work for a pain specialist and we do drug screens for drug monitoring and recently medicare has deleted all of the hcpcs code that I was billing. I was also using those codes to bill BCBS and now all of my claims are being rejected by the clearinghouse. can you please tell me what codes I can bill the following, Oxycodone, Methadone, PCP, Buprenoprohine, Methylphenidate, Fentanyl, Opiates, Benzodiazepines, muscle relaxants, propoxyphene, heroin metabolite,tramadol, aminoclonaz, cocaine, meperridine, amphetamines, any help you can give me will be great, I am running out of time.

SuperCoder Answered Thu 18th of February, 2016 03:59:08 AM

Though the answer to this would also depend on the type and method of drug screen, however you may like to check code 80300 which is used for simpler drug screening tests for any number of drug classes tested on a single date from List A. Simpler methods include any test that is not thin layer chromatography, such as immunoassay, that the analyst can read by direct optical observation, including dipsticks, cups, cards, and cartridges. However, 80301 involves single drug class instrumented methods that are more complex than the methods for 80300, such as discrete multichannel chemistry analyzers that use immunoassay or enzyme assay methods. Also, you can bill Drug Class List A codes for Alcohol (Ethanol), Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Buprenorphine, Cocaine metabolite, Heroin metabolite (6-monoacetylmorphine), Methadone, Methadone metabolite (EDDP), Methamphetamine, Methaqualone, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), Opiates, Oxycodone, Phencyclidine, Propoxyphene, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) metabolites (marijuana) and Tricyclic Antidepressants.

Karen Posted Fri 19th of February, 2016 16:00:18 PM

this is not for what we call the spot check this is for the GCMS lab codes.

SuperCoder Answered Mon 29th of February, 2016 08:07:14 AM

Since medicare has deleted HCPCS codes for drug screens. The alternate code used to bill for a medicare patient for these codes seems G0479.

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